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Welcome to Focused Results. We are a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia, whose sole focus is to deliver consistent and incredible results for our clients. We combine the best sales funnel, lead generation and conversion strategies and techniques with cutting edge, user-friendly design to get you more customers and sell more of your products.


Where would you most like to improve the results that you are getting in your business?

I want to create a powerful website
I want to sell more products
I want more 1-on-1 clients
I want to get more people to my events
I want to create an online community
I want to create an online membership course
I want to improve my conversion rate
I want to reduce my cost per conversion

“Success at anything will always come down to this: focus and effort. And we control both.” – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


Web Development

At Focused Results, we believe that websites should not only look great, but they should also be powerful lead generating and converting machines. That’s why we combine the best internet marketing practices with our clients’ brands and are always testing and improving to make sure we stay ahead of the market and delivering results. We specialise in building standard websites that convert as well as membership websites for our clients who sell their own courses and products.

Sales Funnels

The backbone of any great digital marketing strategy is the sales funnel. We work with our clients to create a tailored sales funnel to meet their business objectives that will attract leads, convert them into paying customers and then turn them into raving fans.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the engine that drives the sales funnel machine. With many years of experience in building powerful organic, pay-per-click and social lead generation campaigns for clients over a broad range of industries, we will put our expertise to work for you to smash your business objectives. Whether it be to get more inquiries, more clients, more sales or more people attending your events, we will come up with the best solution to get you results.


Our Search Engine Optimisation philosophy is that ‘to be ranked number one, you have to become number one’. We are not about tricks and we hate spam. We work with our clients to become the leaders in their industry and the authority of value to their audience. We optimise their websites for user-friendliness, we help them to create content that is highly engaging and we work to build high quality and valuable links back to their site.

Social Media

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful channel to build a community around your business, reach a larger audience, and create customers who are raving fans. We will work with you to engage with your audience and create a thriving community of advocates for your brand.

Email Marketing

We create personalised and engaging email marketing campaigns to nurture your leads from curious prospects to committed buyers. Our email sequences are designed to segment users by their needs and interests and then automatically direct them to the products and services that will give them the most value.

Conversion Optimisation

At the core of our philosophy at Focused Results is to always improve everything that we do. We will never settle for a ‘good’ conversion rate and are always split-testing each component of our clients’ sales funnels to make sure that they are getting better results than they did the day before.


I have never been so excited about my business and where it is going and Joe has been the one to help make it a simple and stress free process so that I could get on doing what I love. Thank you so much Joe!

Ellisa Helen

Ellisa Helen Coaching

Focused Results with founder Joe Kershaw is just that: Focused. Focused on exactly what you the customer needs, wants and desires. I have had the utmost pleasure in hiring Joe’s services at Focused Results and have found the service impeccable.

Paige Schwartz

From Paige Coaching

Joe was professional, easy to work with, reliable, friendly, talented and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of marketing and web design. He helped improve my sales funnel, run a marketing campaign and grow awareness about my business.

Megan Jaworski

From Be The Change Coaching

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